Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Found.

SEO COACHING and services FOR professionals and business owners.

My name is Ernie, and I help Professionals and Business Owners rank their websites to the Top of Google Search Results to generate more leads, appointments and bookings for their products, practice or service.

Frustrated Life Coach


As a Professional and a Business Owner, did you spend time, money and resources investing on your website but aren’t getting the results that you want? 

I can help you gain back your investment on your website by increasing awareness and visibility to your website where it matters the most. 

BE Heard

As a Professional and Business Owner, do you think that your services or products in your website does not reach the right audience?

The SEO Coach can help you widen the reach of your voice by putting your website in front of the right audience who’s ready to avail of your coaching services.


As a Life Coach, do you feel that you’re wasting time barking up the wrong tree and are at a loss what to put in your website to generate more coaching appointments?

The SEO Coach can help you target the right clients or buyers at the exact stages of your sales funnel. 


I am Ernie dela Fuente and I understand your frustration. 

That’s why I help Australian Life Coaches like you to Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Found by ranking your website and webpages in Google Search Results. 

I can help you either by teaching and coaching you how to do it yourself, or a done-for-you SEO so that you can focus on what matters the most for your service, your clients. 

You found me, so I believe that you are ready.